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Title: Convivium VI
The Project: Located in Saifi/Gemmayzeh, just a short stroll away from Downtown and Gouraud Street, Convivium VI offers a variety of surface areas ranging from 40-sqm to 400-sqm, spread across four buildings.
The tallest building is composed of 12 floors all of which enjoy 3.4-meter high ceiling.

The project offers several floor plans ranging from studios to one, two, three and four bedroom apartments with views, from Beirut's Downtown, to the sea and the exquisitely charming internal courtyards.

Being a celebration of finer living, Convivium VI boasts a slew of amenities and facilities, geared to make living better: Fully-equipped fitness center and pool, four-underground parking areas and 1,000-sqm of landscaped courtyards, cascades and pedestrian alleys.
Project Status: Completed
Owner: Saifi 71 SAL
Developer: BREI SAL
Architect & Lead Consultant: A-CONSULT / Dolly Debs
Structural Consultant: IPEC
MEP Consultant: Kamal Sioufi
Project Manager: Nassar Engineering Services (NES)
Technical Controller: Apave Liban
Main Contractor: La Constructa
Shoring, Excavation & Dewatering Contractor: Edrafor
Financed by: SGBL

Title: Convivium VII
The Project: In collaboration with MARKAZ, Convivium VII in Badaro is a throwback to the 50s, the buildings will slot effortlessly into their new surroundings.

The four adjacent plots where Convivium VII resides are just a stones throw away from the museum and the hippodrome.

This ambitious project, owned by Mazraa 1930, is a real estate venture between BREI and MARKAZ, one of Kuwait’s leading asset management and investment banking organizations.

The project is made up of two buildings separated by over 40 meters of open, sunny and lush greenery.
Project Status: Completed
Owner: MAZRAA 1930 SAL
Developer: BREI SAL
Architect & Lead Consultant: AAA Architects
Structural Consultant: Rafic El-Khoury & Partners
MEP Consultant: BTP Consultants
Project Manager: Projacs International
Technical Controller: BTT Consultants
Main Contractor: La Constructa & CIVI ARCH
Shoring, Excavation & Dewatering Contractor:
Financed by: Byblos Bank SAL

Convivium 6 - Block A

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Convivium 6 - Block B

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Convivium 6 - Block C

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Convivium 6 - Block D

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Convivium 7 - Building A

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Convivium 7 - Building B